Cedarbrook Blend


Product Info:

Cedarbrook Dimensional is a blend of two of our signature products with colors ranging from light gray and light buff tones with white mottling in Cedar Ridge are offset perfectly by the lavenders, gold and gray colors found in Stoneybrook. Cedarbrook Dimensional is a combination of 80% Cedar Ridge and 20% Stoneybrook Bed-face. This product is sawn on top and bottom, with split ends and split-face.

Semco's Dimensional veneer have sawn heights of 2 1/4", 5", and 7 3/4". These specific heights are designed to have a 1/2" mortar joint. You generally get a little more formal look with this pattern, as all heights are sawn to exact measurements, giving you cleaner lines, yet still incorporating that rugged, natural feel of real stone.

  • Coverage per ton: +/- 40 sf
  • Heights: 2 1/4", 5", and 7 3/4"
  • Lengths: Random up to 24"
  • Avail. in Thin Cut: Yes

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