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Rustic Cedar


Product Info:

Rustic Cedar Dimensional is a stone perfectly suited for when you wish to convey a relaxed elegance. The color palette contains a warm, neutral blend of whites, creams, and soft yellows with a hint of blue and gray veining. The distinctive appearance delivers a timeless feel to any exterior or interior environment. This product is sawn on top and bottom, with split ends and split-face.

Semco's Dimensional veneer have sawn heights of 2 1/4", 5", and 7 3/4". These specific heights are designed to have a 1/2" mortar joint. You generally get a little more formal look with this pattern, as all heights are sawn to exact measurements, giving you cleaner lines, yet still incorporating that rugged, natural feel of real stone.

  • Coverage per ton: +/- 40 sf
  • Heights: 2 1/4", 5", and 7 3/4"
  • Lengths: Random up to 24"
  • Avail. in Thin Cut: Yes

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