Natural Stone Provides the Best Return on Investment (ROI) of Any Building Material

Natural Stone Home

Whether you plan on selling your home soon, or you’re constantly thinking of ways to increase the value of your home, natural stone is an excellent choice to increase the return on your investment. Here are 10 ways you can use natural stone to the increase the value of your home.

  1. Natural stone patio.
    One of the most popular uses for natural stone is constructing a backyard patio featuring Flagstone, Pattern Flagstone, or Travertine Pavers. While natural stone products can be more expensive than concrete substitutes, the durability of natural stone gives it a timeless look that will not weather or deteriorate over time like concrete will. If installed properly, a natural stone patio will last for a very long time. This is crucial when the time comes to sell your house since you will not need to refurbish your natural stone patio like you might with a concrete patio.
  2. Complement your patio with other natural stone products.
    If you already have a patio, consider adding other natural stone products to complement it, such as Boulders & Ledge, Cobblestones, Decorative Gravel, Stone Edging, and so much more. Boulders & Ledge can add a focal point to your landscape, while Cobbles and Decorative Gravel add both texture and color to your landscape. Cobbles and Decorative Gravel are especially convenient for DIY homeowners since they are lightweight and easy to work with. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them versatile and adaptable to any landscape. Natural Stone Edging provides your landscape a little bit of depth, while also providing your lawn or landscape an organized, clean-cut look. Our natural stone Edging products come in two different styles: Tumbled and Un-tumbled. Tumbled edging has a smoother finish to it, while Un-tumbled edging has a more natural, rough finish. It’s all about the homeowner’s preference!

  3. Create a pathway from your front yard to your backyard.
    If you have a gorgeous backyard, why not show it off? Creating a pathway to connect your front yard to your backyard adds instant curb appeal. It also allows your backyard to be accessed from the front of your home in an official, organized way.

    To create a pathway, you have quite a few natural stone options to choose from. If you’re a fan of the rustic look of natural stone, consider using natural stone Steppers or Flagstone. Prefer a symmetrical style instead? Go with one of our many different Pattern Flagstones or Travertine Pavers. We have so many different styles and colors to choose from!
  4. Build an outdoor kitchen with a natural stone countertop.
    Outdoor kitchens have been a growing trend amongst homeowners. A well-designed and fully functional outdoor kitchen can create a memorable outdoor dining experience while increasing your home’s value. There are two popular uses for natural stone for outdoor kitchens: surrounding the sides of the counter with natural stone veneer, and using a natural stone countertop.

    Natural stone veneer is one of the most popular façade materials for outdoor kitchens, because it is incredibly durable and has enduring appeal. There is a wide variety of stone veneer available to complement any other exterior elements on your home. Another advantage of using natural stone is that it does not deteriorate or weather overtime like concrete or wood.

    If you plan on installing a grill, you should also consider using a natural stone countertop. Natural stone countertops are durable, fireproof and naturally beautiful, making them ideal building materials for outdoor kitchen countertops. Our outdoor kitchen island kits make it especially easy for you to get your project installed by a contractor, saving you time AND money. What else could you ask for?
  5. Natural stone steps.
    Natural stone steps are great for so many uses, including front and backyard applications. They provide a hint a of luxury that is unmatched by any other building material. The rustic, earthy tones of our natural stone steps are one of their best characteristics. For front yard uses, consider using natural stone steps for the entrance to your home. Stone steps can give your house a strong, yet elegant focal point that will definitely improve its curb appeal.

    For backyard uses, embrace your landscape’s natural slope with the careful placement of natural stone steps. Due to their enormous size and weight, natural stone steps should not shift over time, making them ideal for landscapes with slopes. There are so many creative ways to incorporate natural stone steps into your landscape!
  6. Natural stone walkway to your front door.
    Another excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal is with the addition of a natural stone pathway to your front door. For this application, we have ample varieties of Flagstone, Pattern Flagstone and Travertine Pavers in an abundance of colors and styles. We can match our natural stone to your home for a picture-perfect combination.
  7. Indoor applications.
    Up until this point, we have only mentioned using natural stone outdoors. But using natural stone for indoor applications is a great way to add color, texture, detail and interest to any room. Here are several ways you can use natural stone for the inside of your home.
    • Fireplaces – There are 2 great ways to use natural stone for an indoor fireplace: surrounding your fireplace with natural stone veneer, and using a natural stone hearth. Why not both?!
    • Kitchen Countertops – Instead of using marble or granite, consider using our Brentwood stone for your kitchen countertop. They will provide your indoor space with a unique beauty that cannot be replicated by other materials.
    • Natural Stone Columns – Our thin stone veneer can be used to surround any indoor columns you have. Recent advancements in technologies allow us to cut natural stone veneer thinly enough to stick and place to a cement or steel column.
    • Bathroom Flooring – A few of our natural stone products, such as our travertine, are an excellent choice for bathroom flooring. They are slip resistant, making them ideal for bathroom floors that get wet.
    • Accent Walls – As an accent wall, stone veneer makes a beautiful statement that grabs everyone’s attention, creating both a backdrop and a focal point for your room.
    • Wine Cellars – We are starting to see a trend in wine cellars incorporated into home designs. Natural Stone Veneer only gets better with age, just like a fine wine.

  8. Natural stone veneer for the outside of your home.
    Whether you’re constructing a new home or just performing a remodel to your exterior, choosing natural building stone is hands down the best long-term investment you can make. Many homeowners know this, but are hesitant due to the cost of natural stone. Don’t let that turn you away! Assuming proper installation, natural stone veneer will bring a lifetime of beauty with nothing to worry about. When considering whether to use natural stone veneer or cultured stone, we recommend taking into account material cost, installation cost, but also the finished look and longevity.

    A few ways to use natural stone for the exterior of your home while saving on cost is by mixing and matching stone with more affordable building materials, such as brick, stucco, or wood. Another way is by using thin cut veneer on the outside of cheaper building materials rather than ONLY using stone. If your home has pillars of columns in the front, you could also consider surrounding them with thin cut veneer.
  9. Stone wall, decorative or functional.

    Natural stone walls can be both decorative and functional depending on your landscape. If your landscape has soil that needs to be held back, natural stone retaining walls can provide integral support against sloping.

    If your landscape does not have slopes, a flat area is excellent for building a decorative stone wall. Not only do they give your yard some depth, they can provide enough seating for all your friends, and look great when they're not in use. Even if you don’t require the durability of natural stone, it’s still the best choice because it will not deteriorate over time, the color will not fade, and the earthy colors provide your yard a rustic look.
  10. Replace your mulch beds with cobbles and decorative gravel.
    We previously mentioned that cobbles and decorative gravel are nice accents for patio areas, but they are also an optimal replacement for mulch beds. Cobblestones and Decorative Gravel don’t wash away when it rains, making it a great alternative for landscapes that accumulate moisture when it rains. Cobblestones and decorative gravel are relatively inexpensive, and can save you both time and money in the long-term by keeping you from having to lay fresh mulch every 6 months.

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